Apollo 11: "One Small Step For..." VR Experiences

Apollo 11: "One Small Step For..." VR Experiences is made up of three immersive experiences that allow the user through virtual reality to feel what it was like to be part of the Apollo 11 mission after they landed on the moon by taking part in a number of events in "Excursion: 164 Minutes on the Moon" and leaving the moon in the Eagle (LM) and rendezvousing with Columbia (CSM) in "Ascent: Eagle Has Left the Moon." Finally in the third part. Take your new found skills and and become the crew of Apollo 14 in an alternate reality where the Soviet Union did make it to the moon and wanted to make sure the Americans did not have another successful mission after Apollo 12 by crippling Apollo 13 before they entered lunar orbit. Now, not only do you have to worry about rendezvousing with the CSM after a successful mission on the moon, but also ensuring you don't meet the same fate as Apollo 13.  Don't worry though the slide-rule boys back at NASA fixed your LM up with some nifty defense mechanisms, but you also need to use all of your skills as a space pilot since you will have to go "dark" meaning no tracking beacons or radar to find your way back to the CSM. LOS only in "LUNAR WARS"