Apollo 11: "One Small Step For..." VR Experiences

"Ascent: Eagle Has Left the Moon" VR experience takes you inside the LM (Lunar Module) ascent stage to blast off from the Sea of Tranquility on the same path Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took to reach orbit.  Enjoy the 'programmed path' mode so you can stand back and enjoy the ride and the "magnificent desolation" of the lunar surface just like they did on July 21, 1969 since the terrain is based on actual 3D information obtained from NASA's LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) 10 years ago for 25m, 50m 100m per pixel accuracy. If you are up for the challenge, switch off programmed-mode and take over the controls to reach orbit yourself.  However, if you "screw the pooch" you either become lunar debris, or find your last days becoming a new micro-planet around the sun.  If you're successful, you move on to your fixed circular orbit where you can either go full auto or manual mode to dock with the CSM (Command Service Module) and to join crew member Michael Collins.  Before you switch to manual, be warned that its not so easy since in orbit there is no such thing a straight path to your target since realistic orbital mechanics are in play here and if you come in too hard you can set yourself and the CSM into a tumble, making it next to impossible to dock before you run out of RCS (Reactive Control System) thrust fuel.